Profile: The Great Dog Demon, Inu-No-Taisho

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Profile: The Great Dog Demon, Inu-No-Taisho

Post  Lord_Shippo on Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:40 pm

Name: Unknown, his title is Inu-No-Taisho (Meaning, General of Dogs)
Age: Unknown, most likely 2000 - 3000 before his death,
Gender: Male
Race: Dog Demon

Family: Izayoi (Wife/mate, Deceased), Sesshomaru (Son, Living), Inuyasha (Son, Living)

Weapons: Tetsusaiga (demon sword), Tenseiga (healing sword), Souunga the sword of Hell.

Biography: The Great Dog Demon ,or Inu no Taisho, was a powerful demon lord who was known throughout Japan. Never formally addressed with a name, he fathered two sons by two different mothers: Sesshomaru from an unnamed dog demoness, and Inuyasha from a human woman named Izayoi . The Great Dog Demon is first mentioned in chapter 12 of the manga as Inuyasha's father, "a demon dog that prowled the lands of the west". The Great Dog Demon's major foe was the dragon Ryukotsusei, whom he could not kill but sealed onto a cliff face with his claw; Myoga calls this battle the "cause" of his death. In the third Inuyasha film, Inuyasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler, the Great Dog Demon survives long enough to save Izayoi and their newborn child Inuyasha; still weak from his battle with Ryukotsusei, he dies defending them from a human foe. The gateway to his tomb is hidden in a black pearl (a mystical gem that creates a path between the mortal and spirit worlds) inside Inuyasha's right eye. Within the pearl, their father's body is shown as an enormous dog skeleton in a suit of armor: his truest form, according to Myoga. The sword Tetsusaiga, forged from the Great Dog Demon's own fang, rests inside this cavernous skeleton, protected by a barrier that repels any non-human with malice toward humans. Because of this, Inuyasha inherits the sword rather than Sesshomaru.

Much of the Great Dog Demon's abilties are unknown, but it is known that he could change his appearance into a human looking form similar to Sesshomaru and his former mate. His true form was that of gigantic dog which far larger then both Sesshomaru's and Sesshomaru's mother's true demon form. He has been stated to be one of the most powerful demons in the series by Myoga and Totosai. Despite his great power he was unable to kill Ryukotsusei and was only able to defeat him by sealing his powers away. The aftermath of the battle lead to the dog demon's death. Both of his sons Sesshomaru and Inuyasha surpass him.

Notes: The Great Dog Demon lead a full life, crossing swords with many powerful demons; Hyoga and Menoumaru, Oyakata (former leader of the Panther tribe), The Four War Gods ,the deadly Ryukotsusei, and finally Setsuna no Takemaru, with whom he died in battle with.


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