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Name: Inuyasha (Meaning: Dog-demon)
Age: Looks 15 to 17 but in reality, Inuyasha is atleast 200 years old. His demon blood makes him age differently, slower than a human, but faster than a demon.
Gender: Male
Race: Half dog-demon, half human

Family: Mother (Izayoi, deceased), Father (Inu-no-Taisho, deceased), Older half brother (Sesshomaru, living)

Weapons: Tetsusaiga (demon sword/fang), steel cleaving claws
Abilities: Demonic strength, stamina, speed, agility, and sense's. Soul Stealing Claws, Blades of Blood.

Abilities With Tetsusaiga: Wind Scar, Backlash Wave, Red Barrier Breaking Blade, Diamond Tetsusaiga, Dragon Scale Tetsusaiga, Black Tetsusaiga

Biography: Inuyasha is a half demon, the product of a dog demon and a human. He wields Tetsusaiga, a supernatural sword made from one of his deceased father's fangs. When properly wielded, the sword can destroy one hundred demons with a single swing. Inuyasha can quickly recover from injuries that would be fatal to a human, largely due to his demonic blood. Inuyasha wears a special bead necklace that forces him to respond to Kagome's command "Sit!", "Inuyasha, sit!" or "Sit, boy!" are sometimes used instead. Following the command, Inuyasha is thrown to the ground. Kaede had placed the necklace upon Inuyasha because he had threatened to kill Kagome if she refused to give the Jewel of Four Souls to him. As the series goes on, he begins to like Kagome more and more, shown when he will leave a battle to save her from being hurt.


During the first night of each lunar month (new moon), Inuyasha changes into a normal human with black hair and black eyes and loses his demonic powers.

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